10 Steps that Will Help in Achieving Success in Purchasing and Selling Websites

The business of buying and selling websites is very similar to other businesses that involve buying and selling. It is very similar to buying and selling websites. The approach you follow in buying and selling a house can be applied to buying and selling a website. You need to buy a website at a low price and then after some time you can sell it to make a profit. There are many people who are making size-able amount of income by sealing 4-5 deals a year.

You can work as an agent for Flipping Enterprises and you can earn good income. However, there are some risks involved in this business too. Here is a 10 step guide that will help you in achieving success in purchasing and selling websites

1) Knowing How Much Time and Money You Can Spend
Will you be able to survive if you happen to lose the money that you invest in the business of buying and selling websites? Once you are sure about the money you will be spending, you should think about how much time you can dedicate for your business. Many websites will require you to do lot of things that will help in increasing its value. So you need to be pretty clear about your limits on expenditure and money.

2) Predicting Which Sites Will Grow
Sites that are evergreen in nature such as health, sports, clothing, consumer electronics contain content that do not sound obsolete. If you purchase a site that is generating revenue through a system that can become illegal in the near future because of newly passed legislation, you will end up losing your money.

If you are buying an established site, you will be on a safer side as you can analyze its performance such as targeted keywords and revenue sources. While selling the same site, you can do some improvements which can help in increasing its value.

3) Finding Sites for Selling
There are plenty of reliable sites on the web which allows you buy and sell websites and make good profit through this business. Here are some of the websites: flippinenterprises.com, wesellyoursite.com, flippa.com, bizbuysell.com, websitebroker.com, and various forum sites like forums.digitalpoint.com and warriorforum.com. You can use search engine and directly contact the website owner through email.

4) Find out why the Seller is selling His Website

A seller may be selling his site because the niche is dead or having warez content or it has been hit by Google Panda or Penguin update. You can ask the seller to provide you snapshot of the revenue it is generating through reliable platform like Google analytics. You can also do a background check on the seller to check feedback.

5) Meticulously Checking the Website’s Performance
You can check the analytics for periods when the site was receiving less traffic. Find if the site is receiving traffic is coming from different sources. Find out which sites are linked to the site and if they are good whether they will be available after you purchase the site. You can also ask the seller to provide you with revenue proof which can be in a form of video. You should also discuss on the site by speaking to the seller through phone. If you are not sure whether to strike a deal or not, you can seek assistance from a third party website broker for a price for guidance.

6) Quoting Your Offer
You can start off with your lowest offer which can be around 70 percent of the price quoted by the seller. While quoting a low price, you can highlight some of the negative points of the site to the seller.

7) What to do After Buying the Site
Once you purchase the site, you should work at improving its value. Try to bring in more traffic to the purchased site consistently. If you can’t do it on your own, you can an affordable and well-known SEO service that will enhance your site’s performance.

8) When Should You Sell the Purchased Site
Many sell their website when they have tried their best to improve the traffic to the site. You can sell if you know you can make positive ROI. You should also be clear as to what you will do after selling the site. Will you be buying a new site? If yes, will it help you earn more income? Also, if you are selling your site because it has been hit by Google update or if you want cut down on your losses, you should sell when its performance can be stabilized.

9) How to Sell
Expose your site to the targeted audience and on the sites that we mentioned in step 4. You should highlight the key features of your site and be honest on anything that is negative about your site. Quote a realistic which will help interested buyers to discuss on a price with you. If you do not have expertise on selling, you can see how others are advertising similar sites on Flippa or other website selling sites.

10) Fine Tune and Repeat the Procedure
Every time you sell a site, you will learn something. Make note of the things you learn and keeping on learning on how other successful website sellers are buying and selling sites. Even if you lose money at the beginning, do not worry. Be diligent and confidence and your repeated efforts will eventually help you earn consistent profits.

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