12 Great Tips on Making Use of Google Search like a Pro

Google Search is not just about simply typing a query and searching for info related to it. There are plenty of things you can do while searching on Google that will help you make the best use of Google. Here are some tips that will help if you spend time on Google in knowing the secrets to rank your website better or if you simply use Google to search info. The 12 great tip on making use of Google Search like a pro will surely be of comprehensive help to you:

  1. Using Double Quotes While Searching
    If you are searching for the best Android smartphones on the web, instead of simply typing best Android smartphone on Google Search, you can enclose your key phrase in double quotes.
    For example, “best Android smartphone”
  2. Search by Removing Unwanted Words
    Suppose you want to search for the best Android smartphone but you do not want to see Samsung smartphones in the search results, what will you do? What you can do is simply make use of the minus sign before the word that you do not want to see in the search results.
    For example,  best Android smartphone –Samsung.
  3. Searching Content Related to Specific Site
    If you want to see search about best Android smartphone from a particular site like Yahoo! Answers, you can use type “best Android smartphone” site:answers.yahoo.com. This formula can be used even if the website does not have search box feature in it.
  4. Similar Words and Synonyms
    Suppose you desire to add a word in search but you wish websites that have similar words or synonyms in the search result. You can do this by adding “~” sign before the word.
    For example,”best Android smartphone” ~cheap
  5. Searching for Different Kinds of Document Types
    If you wish to see MS-Word files or PDF files in your search result, you can make use of “filetype” formula. For instance, if you are searching for powerpoint slides on best Android smartphone. You can simply search “best Android smartphone” filetype:ppt.
  6. The OR Option
    When you search on Google, it uses all that you have mentioned as search query to provide you with search results. If you want any one of the term to be shown in the search results, you can use the OR option.
    For example, best Android OR Windows smartphone
  7. Meaning of a Word
    If you want to know the definition or meaning of a word, you can use the “define” command to know the meaning.
    For example, define:extravagant
  8. Range of Numbers
    If you want to search on the web and wish to have certain range of numbers in the search results page, you can type your search query along with range of numbers. This kind of search will help get good details on prices; years, etc.
    For example, president 1960.. 1990
  9. Stock Exchange
    If you want to know current listing for your stocks on Google, you can simply use the right ticker symbol.
    For example, NASDAQ
  10. Calculator
    Google can be used to perform calculations quite easily. This means you do not need to navigate to the calculator application on your desktop when you working on your internet browser. You can simply type the expressions to perform calculations. Here is how you can do it:
    For example,  68741 * 12
  11. Convert Currency
    When you want to know the value of a dollar in other currencies, you can simply use the Google Search to find the most current rates. Here is how you can do it:
    1USD in EUR or 1USD in INR and so on.
  12. Conversion for Length, Time, Speed, Area and More

When you want to do conversion for area or length easily, you can simply use Google Search’s inbuilt feature. You can simply type “convert cms to inches” (with or without quotes) to open Google’s very own unit converter. You can choose the desired unit and perform the conversion.

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