5 Biggest Science Revelations You Probably Haven’t Heard of The Past Decade

5 Biggest Science Revelations You Probably Haven’t Heard of The Past Decade

The last decade has seen many phenomenal discoveries in science that have yielded breakthroughs in medical science and technological advancements. These have probably gone unnoticed by the average individual but being aware of these discoveries, their applications, and usefulness could be more important than many people realize. Here are just a few of the biggest discoveries of the past decade for your convenience.

Surgical Robotic Techniques

The development of a surgical technique known as natural orifice endoscopic surgery is allowing surgeons to perform minimally invasive surgical techniques that are beginning to revolutionize some surgical procedures. The robotic procedures utilize tiny metal hands that carefully manipulate sutures inside human organs such as the heart. Patients benefit from the elimination of large incisions and shorter, less painful recovery times. These types of surgical procedures are being performed on a daily basis at hospitals across the country.

Accelerating Universe

Astronomers have discovered that one of the long-held scientific beliefs that the pull of gravity is keeping the universe from going out of control by slowing down its movement is in question. They now have evidence that it is actually accelerating the movement. If this trend continues, it could possibly result in isolating the universe and preventing it from observing other galaxies. They have named this the “big rip” theory.

Small Discoveries Make a Big Impact

Like the new mini digital microscope that gets the magnification of a full-sized one without the added bulk, microprocessor switches are getting smaller. Scientists have discovered that the element hafnium allows them to reduce a chip size by about twenty nanometers. The benefit from this discovery will mean an increase in energy efficiency as it prevents electricity leakage across smaller switches.

Stem Cell Breakthrough

A new technique for creating stem cells of the human liver and pancreas will aid doctors in transplant therapy. Researchers discovered a technique that alters signal pathways of cells in the gastrointestinal tract that allows them to stop cells from fully developing and enables self-renewal. The breakthrough will be beneficial for treating damaged organs and tissues.

Bionic Limbs

Scientists have created a bionic limb that can be controlled by the brain. Known as Brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) this function for bionic limbs is revolutionary in nature as it connects to the nerves and allows the user to operate the limb just like any other. This technology is largely untouched at the moment but is being researched for possible application for other uses like controlling a computer mouse with your thoughts!

Scientists continue to make important discoveries daily. The large number of scientific revelations of the last decade is only the beginning of more innovative discoveries to come.

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