5 Things You Must Do After Publishing A Blog Post

To increase the popularity of your site, you know it very well that you need to publish articles consistently on your site. However, your work does not finish when you write an article. You need to do several things after publishing a post.

Publishing a blog is like writing a book. After writing a book, the author does not celebrate the success of his writing right away and starts authoring the next book. The advertisers put a lot of effort in promoting the book through different sources so that more and more people can come to know about the book. The same strategy you are required to apply after publishing a post. Here are some things you should do when you have published a blog post:

Sharing on Social Sites

The most important thing you need to do after publishing a post is to let your readers know about it. Your readers are interested in viewing your site but they may not be that active enough to proactively check your site every now and then to see if you have posted new articles. So, the best place through which you can notify your readers is to share your article on popular social sites like Facebook and Twitter. You should encourage your friends to share the article to others. This can be done by adding share buttons of popular social sites.

Comments on articles published on other blogs

On the web you can find several blogs based on the same niche as yours. You can find similar blogs through sites like Technorati.com or AllTop.com. Spend some time on other blogs to gain knowledge on your niche. After going through couple of articles, you can place interesting and informative comments for the readers and place a link to your site. This will bring new visitors to your site.

Send newsletter on the new post

Whenever you update your site with a new article, you can notify all your readers about it by sending out a newsletter. This is possible if you have managed to build a list of subscribers. For your newsletter, you need to create a very compelling headline that will entice your readers to read your article when they see your email. Make sure you highlight the points that will create interest in checking out your article. You can also let them know the benefits of reading your articles.

Maintain good relationship with other bloggers

To make sure your blog remains popular consistently, you need to work towards building a good relationship with other bloggers. Bloggers are usually and sometimes they may not have enough time to even add new content to their own blog. At such situations, they may approach bloggers from the same niche to write a valuable article for them. You need get in touch and maintain good relationship with other bloggers. This can be done by sending out personalized emails by mentioning about your website and showing interest on their site.

Respond to Comments

Your readers will feel nice when you respond to the comments they leave on your site. Your loyal visitors may leave comment few minutes after you have published the article. It would be good if you respond to them as soon as possible which will encourage them to leave comments on the articles you will publish in the future.

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