5 Ways to Look For New Keywords without Paying Anyone

5 Ways to Look For New Keywords without Paying Anyone

Search Engine Optimization is what you need to master or make the best use of for the success of your blog or website. One of the basics things involved in SEO is to find the most relevant and targeted keywords for your business. In order to find the best set of keywords for your business, you can make use of both free and paid keyword tools.

Some individuals and companies pay a whole lot of money to SEO companies and professionals to find keywords that can drive good traffic to their site or keywords of higher CPC. Instead of spending enormous money on keyword research, there are many free online resources that you can make use of to find profitable keywords. Here are they:

Auto-Suggest Feature On Google Search

When you use Google Search to find something, you may have noticed that when you type a keyword, Google’s auto suggest feature automatically shows you a list of famous keywords associated with the keyword that you are typing. The auto-suggest feature was developed by Google for offering better user experience to help find anything easily on Google Search. The auto-suggest feature shows keywords that have worldwide popularity.

Related Searches

This is also yet another feature available on Google Search. When you search for something on Google, at the bottom of the search result page you will see a list of keyphrases. These keyphrases are listed as ‘searches related to’ followed by the keyword you are searching for. The list will give you a good idea of the related keywords.

Good Competition Keywords

Even though there are dedicated tools such as SEMRUSH to find out which keywords are being targeted by your rivals. If you want to know a free way to find out the keywords that are also being focused by your rivals, you can try this easy solution.

What you need to do is simply visit any site (or the website of your competitor) and then view its source-code. You can do this by right-clicking on the webpage and then click on option that allows you to view source-code such as ‘View Page-Source’. You can also access it by using the keyword combination Ctrl+U. The above action will open the source-code window and there need to search for the term ‘keywords’ where you can see the list of keywords separated by commas that are being targeted by any website.

Google Webmaster Tool

Through Google webmaster tools also you can find a good list of new keywords you can target. What you need to do is access Google webmaster tools and then click on your blog and on the left side of the screen, you need to click on ‘Traffic’ and below it you need to click on ‘Search Queries’. This will show a new list of keywords that can help in enhancing your search engine rankings.


Webmasters and bloggers all know very-well that Alexa is a free website performance and ranking site that gives you information on any website present online. You can use the search feature to find information on your rival site and then you also look for most searched query on the right-hand side.

Apart from these there are many other free keyword search tool such as Google keyword tool, wordpot.com, wordstream.com and ubersuggest.com.

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