6 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Unable to Attract Clients

6 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Unable to Attract Clients

Your well-performing website is gradually losing out on the number of clients. What could be wrong with your website? You’ve put endless hours of effort to attract new clients but now that you are seeing them disappear, you need to do something as soon as possible to regain lost clients and at the same time attract new clients.

You may be good at writing topnotch quality articles or designing a sophisticated website; however, you are unable to retain a client, all your efforts will go in vain. Here are some reasons as to why your blog is unable to attract clients:

Chaotic Design

When a prospective client comes to your site and he is not able to understand where to navigate to avail certain products or services, this should make you understand that such a site will never attract new clients. Most probably, cluttered design of the website can be a matter of concern that can shoo away prospective clients.  If the design is chaotic and has too many features on a single page, nobody will be interested in making business with you. So, you need to revamp your website design by using a neat and tidy design.

Difficult to Find Contact Page

If you are offering quality service, potential clients will first search for your contact details so that they can get in touch with you. Think about it, if interested clients are unable to find the contact page or the page where they can fill in details so that you can contact them, your business will never succeed. Potential clients will leave your site and go to other websites that offer similar products or services. Hence, to ensure you grab the attention of prospective clients, you should make your contact form/page clearly visible and accessible.

Poor First Impression

The first impression of your website will interest any client to make business with you. If you have an average looking website, clients will not be compelled to check out your services. You should bring your site to life by using the best possible design. Same goes for the content for your site. Unless your content is fresh and interesting, nobody will want to read tons of articles you have published on your site.

Very High Fees

Your site appears good, you have got quality content, and clients are approaching you to seek quotations on your service but still they are not interested in doing business with you because of your rates. When a prospective client visits your site, he will only make business with you if your rates are affordable. If you are prices are very high, clients will not want to business with you.

Fake Client Testimonials

To show off the quality of a business, many website owners post fake client testimonials. Testimonials can help you bag new clients but only if they are from real people. At start you may not have enough clients but gradually as you do business with many clients, you will get lot of real testimonials from the clients you have worked with. Fake testimonials will never have contact details or website link that can let you check its authenticity. Real testimonials will allow you to provide reference links to your site visitors.

Missing ‘About Me/Us’ Page

In order to make your prospective clients build trust in you or your business, you need to have a strong About Me/Us Page. Such a page will provide brief information of your business and the services you are offering.

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