7 Link Building Techniques You Should Forget

SEO experts are always of the view that more efforts you put in building links, the more popular your site will be on search engine. Since most site owners and bloggers are well-aware of it, they dedicate plenty of time in building links. However, many people resort to unethical means such as buying links and exchanging links with various websites.

After Google released the Penguin update, hundreds of sites that have used unethical means have been penalized. Here are 7 link building techniques that should give up:

Article Directories

Before April 2012, article directories were used by many site owners and bloggers to publish articles that contained links that directed visitors of article directories to the desired website. After Google released its first Panda update on 24th April 2012, the performance of all the article directories was hit pretty badly.  Hence, publishing articles on article directories will not help you in building quality links.

Low-Quality Directories

There may not be any clear information on whether low-quality directories were hit by the Penguin update but it is advisable to make use of major directories like Yahoo! Directory and Best of the Web. It would be good for your site if you find a few directories that are exclusive to your vertical market.

Irrelevant Guest Posts

Guest posting is good if you are publishing a post on a site that is of same niche as yours. However, if the niche of the site where you are supposed to publish the article is not relevant to your site, you should not go ahead with it. Unless and until you find a well-performing relevant site, do not do guest posting on irrelevant sites.

Anchor Text

Google is now axing those sites that are making use of rich anchor texts in their link building profile. Anchor text usage should not appear manipulated. If a page has got plenty of links pointing towards it but the anchor text reads something else, it can hamper the performance of your site.

Doorway Pages

On the web, you can find plenty of websites that contain hardly any content but are mainly built to attract search traffic and divert traffic to another website. Such an act will not go unnoticed by Google and it can result in banning of such websites.

Foreign Websites

Imagine a site written in Chinese language and then you see an anchor text written in English in it. Foreign sites may not have any relevance to your site. However, if you are selling products that are mainly meant for your country and if you are linking to foreign sites, nobody will be interested in your products. On top of that, your site will fall under Google’s scanner and will be penalized.

Blog Carnivals

Blog carnivals are communities which contains blog posts on a common theme. These posts are generally authored by different writers. Here other site owners look for articles and then publish on their own website. Such sites are used as link schemes. Hence, you should avoid usage of such sites to protect your site from getting banned by Google.

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