7 Old SEO Techniques That You Should Avoid

7 Old SEO Techniques That You Should Avoid

If you own a website that is performing well and has been never affected by Panda or Penguin update then your SEO techniques are safe and you don’t need to worry about it. However, there are many websites that have been severely affected by Google Search’s algorithm changes mainly because the SEO techniques they are using do not adhere to the guidelines set by Google.

Many of the SEO techniques which helped in making good profits before 2012 can no longer be used. Outdated SEO tactics are still being used by many websites. Since they are not valid now, usage of such SEO methods can lead to penalization. Here are 7 old SEO techniques that you should avoid using now:

Article Directories

For link building, many website owners make use of article directories such as ezinearticles.com, articlesbase.com and so on. When Google released the Panda update, the performances of all the article directories were severely hit. When you search for a certain search term query on Google Search, unlike before, you will not see sites like article directories on search results. So, instead of using article submission sites, you should aim at building relationship with different bloggers from the same niche as yours to get high quality backlinks.

Reciprocal Linking

Swapping links with other random sites may have been a good way to earn backlinks few years ago but now the usage of such tactic will signal the search engine that you are attempting to earn cheap and useless backlinks. When a reader clicks on a link, he wishes to visit a site that shows more information on the content he is reading. Hence, linking to sites within the same niche can allow you to earn good backlinks.

Poor Content

Content is the most important element of any website. Easy to understand and unique content can assist in bringing good traffic. Previously, many site owners made use of rehashed, spun, and plagiarized and software generated content. Since the articles contained the targeted keywords, sites using such content performed well. Well, these days, if you are not using fresh, informative, plagiarism-free content, your site can become a sitting duck for getting penalized by Google.

Keyword Stuffing

When you are targeting several keywords for your business, do not just keep on repeating the same set of keywords hundreds of times throughout your website. Previously, many site owners simply stuffed their keywords in their content but this won’t work now. You need to naturally use your keywords and wherever you feel like repeating your keywords; you should use its variation.


Many so-called ‘SEO experts’ used to make use of automated tools to boost the performance of any website. Automated tools helped in generating hundreds of spun content in few minutes and market website through social media without spending hours on it. Google always wants to offer the best user experience and the usage of automated tools reduces the quality of the sites that make use of it. Content generated by software never sound natural and social media is all about building relationships. Hence, you should give up using automated tools to do such work if you want to improve the quality of your site.

Only Concentrating on Google

Even though sizeable amount of people are only using Google to search information on the web, Google is not the only thing you need to concentrate on. You need to find out how much organic traffic are you getting from Google. You need to have a diverse traffic portfolio and also concentrate on other sources such as social media marketing and PPC for receiving organic traffic.

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