Advanced Tips on Performing on Pinterest for Attracting More Web Traffic

Like popular social sites like Facebook and Twitter, even Pinterest can be a very reliable and consistent source of traffic to your website. You need to optimize your Pinterest page in order to attract good traffic. There are several strategies you need to put into practice to receive good traffic through Pinterest. Here is what you need to do:

Create Images Mainly for Pinterest
You need to create images specifically for posting on Pinterest. When you access, you can find images that contain lot of information and some with little information. A good way to give out lot of information is through infographics. Since Pinterest is a visual-based platform, posting inforgraphics can greatly help you in getting traffic. Since such images contain lot of info, people who see them instantly share it with their friends on Pinterest.

As we mentioned before, it would be great if you can manage to create images specifically for Pinterest. If you are a photographer, you might as well want to share something it is very interesting to your audience. You can show the relation between different aperture sizes and field that can be covered in a photo. For others the image will not be of much importance but for photographers, it will be something through which that can learn and gain knowledge. It will be pinned and repinned by many users.

Promoting on Twitter
You should not miss out on clicking on ‘Post to Twitter’ whenever you pin a link that directs to your site. This will help in directing traffic both to your website as well as to your Pinterest page.

The process will become a lot easier if you make use of an app called TweetAdder which automates the process of Twitter marketing. You need to spend around five minutes on it and it will work wonders for you. You can simply post ‘Guys, have you checked out my Pinterest board? Got many interesting links…

Another thing you can do with TweetAdder is to add the RSS feed of Pinterest that RSS tweeter feed of the app. By doing this, an automated process of tweeting everything you pin will start and you can make the most of Twitter marketing through automation.

Powerful Traffic Boosting Tip
What you need to do is make sure you have categorized your posts well. If required, you can also subcategories to organize your site even better. The subcategories that you make can also be your Pinterest boards. Here is what you need to do on each of your post:

  • Enhance the title so that readers can be compelled to click on it.
  • You need to modify the URL of your posts for better SEO
  • Optimize each page of your site by using a SEO plugin like Yoast.
  • Add interesting photos as featured images with title of your post overlayed on it. Keep the title text in bold as it go unnoticeable.
  • A related posts plugin will help your readers to checkout other interesting articles on your site.
  • A call-to-action text is also important at the bottom part of your article.
  • Also, you can add the featured image to your post and make sure it has the ‘Pin it’ button on it.

Enhancing your image for Pinterest will help in producing better results. Keep the design of the image simple and you can fade the bottom part of the text as it will help accentuating the text you add over it.

The “Pint it!” is very interesting. It is only when someone moves his mouse over the image, the “Pin it!” button will become visible. This will easily allow readers to pin the image on their Pinterest board. This truly works and more are the chances of people clicking on the image to pin it.

Now that you have all the posts on your site categorized into various subcategories, you can transform them into Pinterest boards. You can add covers to each of your boards and also add some text that will help readers know what is inside them.

Using Various Plugins
Plugin for Category Images
By installing a plugin, you can make your Pinterest board look good. To do this, you can need to navigate to Appearance  > Editor and then go to the category file and you need put the following code where you want the image to be seen

<img src=”<?php echo z_taxonomy_image_url($cat->term_id); ?>” />
<a href=”<?php echo get_category_link($cat->term_id); ?>”><?php echo $cat->cat_name; ?></a>

You can place it at the bottom of the page and then modify the categories and add the image and pin it to the Pinterest board and you can use it as your cover.

Pinterest Notification Bar
Another plugin which does not cost much is a notification bar that can be place right at the top of your page. When visitors come to your website through Pinterest, they will be able to see the notification bar and it will show the numbers of pins a post has received and offers option to follow and to pin the post

Pinterest Analytics
There are two dependable tools for Pinterest analytics, one is very own Google Analytics and the second one is Pinfluencer. At first, people who pin your posts more and the ones who repin your posts can be analyzed on different time scales such as weekly analysis.

What you need to do is visit the boards of such visitors and start following boards that are relevant to you and then also like pins that have more than 5 likes. This will make you noticeable and they will appreciate you by pinning your content. In return, you can simply thank them.

Even though the above steps involve a lot of hard work, it will yield fruitful results in the no time. Soon, you will be receiving sizeable amount of traffic on daily basis.

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