Amazon Appstore celebrates Halloween with an interactive book

Today is Halloween and the official Android Market is featuring content that fits in well with the holiday. Halloween’s influence on the Amazon Appstore is virtually undetectable, but Amazon is offering a neat app as part of its ongoing Free App A Day promotion. Instead of the normal offering of games and productivity apps, Amazon hasThe Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin up for grabs. It’s designed to be a book for children and it provides a good lesson with a decent amount of interactive options.

The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin tells the story of a square pumpkin that comes to understand its purpose in a pumpkin patch inhabited by round pumpkins. It’s your traditional “everyone is beautiful in their own way” story. What I liked about this book is the reading options it provides. You can have the entire story played out automatically, you can turn the narration off or you can keep the narration and progress the story at your own pace.

There are also audio snippets embedded within the illustrations. The voice acting is pretty good and children should get a kick out of it. More digital books with even greater enhancements like this are coming down the pipeline thanks to Amazon’s new Kindle Format 8 capabilities.

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