Apple HDTV/iPanel Release Date Could Be in Q4 2012 | The “iPanel” Rumor Begins

Apple HDTV/iPanel Release Date Could Be in Q4 2012 | The “iPanel” Rumor Begins

It is merely hours since Barron reported about Peter Misek’s email containing several rumors and observations on the Apple HDTV. Starting from a strange nomenclature, calling it the iPanel, the report looks very unlikely as pointed out by top-players like 9to5Mac.

Misek terms the new Apple HDTV “iPanel” in keeping with Apple’s iP nomenclature for iPad, iPhone and iPod. What is interesting to note is that this stems directly from the dropping of the iTV name, which caused legal problems for Apple. A company in UK had already obtained the global rights for “iTV”

What is most interesting in the report is that the iPanel claim is baseless, and so are certain other information presented therein. The report speaks of increases share acquisitions by Hon Hai Precision in Sharp, which is working in collaboration with Apple in creating better IGZO displays in concurrence with the HD capabilities.

Misek states that Hai could actually be looking towards a closer relationship with Apple through this increase in share percentage rather than merely capacity.

Misek also reports having seen several polarized glass components, IGZO components and other HD-related components reaching Apple suppliers. Could it be indicative of an assembly line-up already? Digitimes does not have any recent information regarding this as of now.

There is nothing much hot from the supply chain yet. While rumors of Apple iTV surfaced last year, the probably release date was slated to be somewhere close to 2013 or later. There were moments of frenzied activity during the CES 2012, the WWDC (during iPad 3 release) and certain other times when we were expecting news about Apple’s HDTV plans. But nothing came up.

The “iPanel’ release date, according to Misek, who suspected a May assembly and integration of the components, could fall in the fourth quarter of 2012. That’s a bit early for Apple but judging by some of the comments made by the likes of Tim Cook, (2012 is a happening year for Apple) we could suppose that the iPanel release date opinion of Misek could hold true!

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