AVG Internet Security Review

AVG Internet Security Review

If you are looking for an all-in-one application which takes care of the spam, malware, viruses and even detects rootkits, besides offering firewall, online shield, email and link scanner, then AVG internet security suite 2011 is for you. With a pleasing and more importantly a simple interface, the AVG internet security suite 2011 provides good detection of threats. However, it lags a little on the removal of malware aspect. Here we discuss the AVG suite under various aspects:

Download and installation: downloading and installing the AVG suite is easy. It offers complete offline package and the online installation as well. There is a need to restart the system once the application is installed. The toolbar of the application is useful but if you download it, then the ‘AVG Secure Search’, which makes itself your default search engine, also is installed. You will have to uncheck the box if you want to remove it.

Usage: as mentioned, the interface of the AVG suite is simple and can be used easily. However, the terminology used by the suite is quite complicated and one needs to think before clicking on an option. There is no help provided in the guide available, making it even more difficult for one to decipher the message.

Firewall: with a simplistic firewall, the AVG suite 2011 is able to safeguard the system well but there are internet security suites, which fare better than this. It does not take the decisions itself leaving them on the user. Since users are not much adept at handling such decisions, they leave it per se only to regret later. There is no cloud based computing enabling the suite to conduct the behavioral analysis by itself.

Anti-spam: the anti-spam features of the AVG internet security 2011 are good and while detecting, it filters the spam mails from the genuine ones. There are hardly any illegitimate mails, which get into the inbox when using the AVG 2011.

Advanced settings: the AVG internet security 2011 suite provides a plethora of advanced settings features. Although not much useful for a new user, the advanced settings are seen highly by those users, who like to set their own advanced settings.

Detection of threats: the AVG suite scores highly on the attribute of detection of threats. It blocks the threats and defends the system from the viruses trying to make their way into the system. The detection speed is average but there are a few false positives as well.

Removal of threats: although the AVG scores highly on detecting threats, it does not fare highly on removing these threats. If a system is already infected then AVG cannot be of much help. It is a little weak on the removal of the threats.

Conclusion: As an overview, it can be said that AVG internet security 2011 is a mixed bag. While the detection part of the suite is excellent, it lags a little on the removal of threats part. This means that the suite is little behind others when it comes to cleaning an already infected system. There are some new features included in the suite, some of which are reasonable while some are irksome. Therefore, you may tick off the features not required while installing the suite on the system. If you are looking for a cheap solution then AVG is the best choice, however if you are looking for the best solution then take a look at NIS 2011.

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