Avira Internet Security Review

Avira Internet Security Review

Avira Internet Security Image-1Avira has been in the security solutions business for over 25 years. All development is done in-house at their primary offices in Germany. They have other offices and partnerships spanning the world, including Europe, Eastern Asia and North America. Avira software is deployed to over 100 million customers worldwide. Their products have received hundreds of awards from various security-focused organizations and media companies.

Here we will review their most popular product, Avira Premium Security Suite. This product is one of the best internet security software solutions available today.

Who’s It For:

  • If you rely on the internet for the majority of your work and personal communications
  • If you do online shopping or use online auctions
  • Anyone using online browser based banking and financing
  • If you frequently IM, voice or video chat
  • If you store important files on your computer, such as tax document, private family pictures, or bank records
  • If you want to monitor/filter what your kids do online


1. Avira Scanner:  scans your computer for viruses, trojans and worms. Will isolate, quarantine, and remove them.

2. Anti-Spyware/Anti-Ad :  blocks adware and spyware that will slow down your computer.

3. Anti-Spam:  helps block unwanted spam emails.

4. Anti-Phishing:  prevents you from malicious browser-redirects, commonly used to steal your identity.

5. Anti-RootKit:  protects your computer from malware.

6. Anti-Bot:  secure your computer from remote control by hackers.

Avira Premium Security Suite is among the best internet security solutions because of its multi-layered protection scheme. First the software scans your computer and detects any unwanted/malicious spyware, malware, or viruses. After detection, the software will go through a repair process where it disinfects the file system. Finally, it deploys preventative measures to stop future attacks before they happen. Each year Avira falls in the top internet security reviews.

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