Buy Off the First Few Soundcloud Plays to Establish Your Music in Style

Buy Off the First Few Soundcloud Plays to Establish Your Music in Style

Soundcloud has come to be an excellent platform for both amateur and professional musicians to showcase their creations. Every day, thousands of budding musicians upload their latest tracks onto the website for the world to listen to, and many of them actually attain fame from their tracks going viral in the internet (I’m sure all of us can name a few examples). However, it might be a problem for somebody starting scratch to get noticed by a majority of people on the internet. This is because somebody who has just created an account would probably not have any followers, which sort of diminishes their chances of getting a lot of views.

The way around it

To prevent budding artists from getting stagnated due to lack of proper publicity, it is not possible for you to buy soundcloud plays and likes for nominal amounts of money online. Websites like Devumi are routinely hired to provide any number of plays and like from as little as five thousand to as much as a hundred thousand in number. The plays go a long way to getting an artist off on the right track, and most of the people who have attained success through soundcloud in the past have used some form of social media marketing or another.

How it Works

The working of this method is based on two things: the nature of soundcloud and human psychology.  First, when a certain piece of music hits more than a certain number of plays in certain duration of time, soundcloud starts regarding that track as ‘trending’. The trending tracks get shown up to every soundcloud user as the website tries to maximise the outreach of that track even further in an attempt to increase activity.

Here is where the human nature bit comes in. If you were to see a soundcloud track with say, three views in two months, you are of course, very unlikely to play it. If, however, you were to see a track that got a hundred thousand likes in a matter of two days, you are more likely to check it out! Hence, it is not just that popular things are what people like; it is also possible that things people like certain things ‘because’ they are popular.

The results

Once you buy a few thousand soundcloud likes and plays and get set off on the right track, you are most likely to come across a lot of more views and likes in the next couple of days. From there, the number of likes and plays you got after the number you bought would give you the real number of times your track was played and the real number of people who liked it. If your track is a hit, this number would go off the roof in no time. Otherwise, it is your bad luck.

In any case, soundcloud likes and plays can be bought and this is an invaluable tool to set off your new tracks.

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