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New Report Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors: Supercapacitors Market 2013-2023 Now Available at MarketResearchReports.Biz.

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This is the only report on supercapacitors and supercabatteries with up to date ten year forecasts and analysis of market, emerging applications, technology, patent and profit trends and the manufacturers and researchers involved.


55% of the manufacturers and intending manufacturers of supercapacitors/supercabatteries (EDLC, AEDLC) are in East Asia, 28% are in North America but Europe is fast asleep at only 7%. Yet, being used for an increasing number of purposes in electric vehicles, mobile phones, energy harvesting, renewable energy and other products of the future, this market is roaring up to over $11 billion in ten years with considerable upside potential.


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This report concerns Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors (EDLCs). For brevity, we mainly use the second most popular word for them – supercapacitors. The third most popular term for them – ultracapacitors – is often used in heavy electrical applications. Included in the discussion and forecasts are so-called Asymmetric Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors (AEDLCs) better known as supercabatteries. market-research-reports


Supercapacitors are a curiously neglected aspect of electronics and electrical engineering with a multi-billion dollar market rapidly emerging. For example, for land, water and airborne electric vehicles, there are about 200 serious traction motor manufacturers and 110 serious traction battery suppliers compared to just a few supercapacitor manufacturers. In all, there are no more than 66 significant supercapacitor manufacturers with most concentrating on the easier small ones for consumer electronics such as power backup. However, in a repetition of the situation with rechargeable batteries, the largest part of the market has just become the heavy end, notably for electric and conventional vehicles.


Supercapacitors and supercabatteries mainly have properties intermediate between those of batteries and traditional capacitors but they are being improved more rapidly than either. That includes improvement in cost and results in them not just being used to enhance batteries but even replacing batteries and capacitors in an increasing number of applications from renewable energy down to microscopic electronics. For example, your mobile phone may have better sound and flash that works at ten times the distance because a supercapacitor has taken over these functions from conventional capacitors.


Supercapacitors are replacing batteries where such properties as excellent low temperature performance, calendar and cycle life, fast charge-discharge and reliability are more dominant issues than size and weight. Examples of this include power backup opening bus doors in an emergency, working hybrid car brakes when power goes down and keeping electronic circuits running. Conventional trucks are having one to three of their lead acid batteries replaced with drop-in supercapacitor alternatives that guarantee starting in very cold weather, when lead acid batteries are very poor performers. The difference is dramatic- about 5% energy loss occurs at minus 25 degrees centigrade, compared to a battery’s energy loss of more than 50%. Some pure electric buses even run on supercapacitors alone recharging through the road every five kilometres or so. Use of supercapacitors to protect batteries against fast charge and discharge and from deep discharge means smaller batteries are needed and they last longer, depressing battery demand and increasing supercapacitor demand.


The bottom line is that almost everywhere you see next generation electronic and power technology you see supercapacitors and supercabatteries being fitted or planned because of superior performance, cost-over-life and fit-and-forget.


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Supercapacitors are the devices having electrical characteristics between capacitors and batteries. Supercapacitors are the energy storage devices that can charge quickly and store electrical energy in a small package. Capacitors were initially used for faster operating speeds rather than durability; however, most companies and manufacturers are now focusing on developing the capacitors that can match batteries in both areas.


Supercapacitors market is rapidly booming and the sales of these devices is forecasted to reach the value of $3 million by the year 2016 due to their increasing use in mobile phones, electric vehicles, energy harvesting, renewable energy, and other products. Although super capacitors are still a small fledging niche market, incumbent and new players in this industry will find growth potential in this market due to the increasing demand of these devices from various sectors.


Consumer electronics industry is expected to remain the fastest growing market for supercapacitors with demand increasing to $725 million by the year 2016. Many new players are entering the market of super capacitor manufacturing owing to its growth potential. Advancements in technology to reduce the overall cost and improve the device efficiency are some of the major factors driving the incorporation of supercapacitors in wide range of applications in the near future.


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Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors: Supercapacitors Market 2013-2023 - Global Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors: Supercapacitors Industry Report,Share,Size,Trends,Analysis And Forecast 2013-2023 - MarketResearchReports.Biz, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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