Google TV Release Date in Europe Could be in September 2012

Google TV Release Date in Europe Could be in September 2012

Well this could be some good news for those in Europe, especially in countries such a France, Germany, Spain and even U.K. Sony could launch Google TV across Europe according to this report here.

From the report, we gather that Sony France’s Marketing Director Labrousse had commented about Sony’s Google TV plans: two devices.

The first device is a normal set-top box which might go on sale for about $ 266 (€200) and the other (a box with integrated Blu-ray player) which might go on sale for about $ 399 (€300).

Google TV Release Date
With that, Google TV plans for Europe seem to be quite set.

What is interesting to note is that the sets will arrive with a dedicated Google Play button (Google Play is the new Android Market). Besides integrating Google Play, the set-top box is also set to have direct access to Google’s apps and many of Sony’s offerings, including Music Unlimited.

Google TV was launched across U.S. Sony had revealed at the CES that it will make the device global in 2012, the first half of which seems to be happening now. With the plans set in September, the Google TV launch date sure looks quite a bit far though.

While some websites report that what the processor it will have is not clear, some websites also indicate that instead of the costly Intel, a cheaper but equally-good ARM processor chips would be used. GigaOM however suspected that if such a switch would actually make a difference in the European market in the present context.

As a competition, Google TV should usually take on Apple TV. But Apple TV has seen three generations of iterations, and is quite far ahead in the market, having entered it long back.

With Sony’s backing, Google TV could make a good impact in the market.

Google TV’s performance in the U.S has not been good according to several reports.

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