How to Find the Online Tutor? 10 Tips for Students

How to Find the Online Tutor? 10 Tips for Students

If you can find a good online tutor then, good for you. It is probably going to be cheaper than hiring one to come to your house and if you are smart then you will be able to dump your online tutor like a bag of fries if he or she is not working out for you without having to pay a severance fee. Here are a few tips to help you find a tutor online. The list is in no definitive order of any type.

1 – Be very wary of paying in advance

It is not usual to pay in advance, and if they want a full term in advance or something such as that then it is better to give them a miss. There is surly no reason to pay in advance. For example, if you were hiring a guitar teacher to come round your house then it is unlikely that person would ask for all the money in advance.

2 – People can bluff their way through teaching

It is possible to sound as if you know what you are talking about when you are online. It is possible to read up on Wikipedia and bluff your way through. That is why it is important to purposefully test your tutor and to question what you are being taught. Questioning is going to help you better understand your subject whilst also testing your tutor at the same time.

3 – Check all the prices before buying

This does not mean just checking the price on their homepage. You need to look for hidden charges and extra charges. You need to look for things such as administration charges or payment charges or even cancellation and appointment charges.

4 – Experienced and established firms may be better

This is because they have more to lose than a freelancer who may not care about his or her reputation because he or she feels that he or she may just start up again in another place at another time. At least the established firm has a lot more to lose which means they are also more likely to be within the law. An established firm of tutors may be better than a freelancer.

5 – Is there a system to teaching and is it done per the curriculum

Finding out if there is a system is a nice way of gauging just how organized and experience this company really is. If they are teaching an “as needs” basis then you should start to worry a little.

6 – If there are trial lessons

A trial lesson which is either free or at a very low cost with no obligation to further purchase. If this is the case then try a free trial or super-cheap-no-obligation trial. The fact that they have this is very reassuring as it may mean they are not a two-bit operation. As a side note, a quarter is called two-bits because when American pirates raided Spanish ships a silver dollar was worth eight bits (pieces of eight) and a “quarter” of eight is two bits.

7 – A friendly personality is going to help a lot

You want your tutor to be friendly and personable. The pragmatic side of you may think that you are not looking for a friend but a teacher, but remember you have to spend time online with this person and a friendly face can help to take the sting out of studying, but dealing with a battleaxe or Emo misery is not going to help you study.

8 – If you know something then make sure you don’t do it twice

This is one of the problems of both following a curriculum with your tutor, and with a “what you need” process. With a curriculum you recover ground you know and with the other method you miss things because you are not aware of the things you do not know and therefore cannot request them. On the other hand, be wary of redoing the same material twice.

9 – Do not believe all of the online reviews

They are written by market companies and publicists. They are not real and the few that are you will rarely find useful. People do not go online to say good things unless it is above and beyond the call of duty. People go online to complain because if something works then all is well (because it was paid for and should work) but if it doesn’t work then it’s a travesty.

10 – Ask people you know for references

As a student (mature or otherwise) you could ask people if they know any good online tutors that you may use. Do they have references or have their brothers, sisters or other friends used a tutor who was good. A personal reference is far better than one you read online.

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