June iPhone 5 Release Date Possible With Late-Year Mini iPad Rumor

June iPhone 5 Release Date Possible With Late-Year Mini iPad Rumor

The rumor mills have recently settled on fall of 2012 for the iPhone 5 release. But if the recent rumor from a Samsung executive is true and that a Mini iPad will debut later in the year, a June iPhone 5 release date is once again viable.

Yesterday we posted about a report from BGR that Samsung is purportedly building display components for a Mini iPad, which is rumored to be scheduled for release in the latter part of 2012. While this story is made up entirely of rumor and BGR‘s “unnamed source,” should the details prove to come true — that Apple will finally release the mythic “Mini iPad,” and that it will come later in the year — it would most definitely have an impact on how we prognosticate the iPhone 5 release date.

Theories on when the iPhone 5 would be released have cavitated back and forth between a June 2012 release at the WWDC — once the iPhone’s usual launch date and site — and a reprise of the fall launch of the late-arriving iPhone 4S. While early opinion considered June as a possibility, more recent speculation has settled on the fall — October or November.

But if the new Mini iPad is to be released sometime in the fall, what are the possibilities that Apple will compromise such a significant release with that of the iPhone 5?

It has become apparent through past Apple release schedules that Cupertino typically does not like to split their release events with too many new products. For the iPad 3 launch, Apple CEO Tim Cook had a lot to unveil, including an Apple TV upgrade, iOS 5.1, and a wealth of new features — software and hardware alike — for the iPad 3. But for as much as Apple TV is a device, it was only being upgraded; Apple did not reveal iTV, as some had speculated.

The same was true last year, when the iPhone 4S was released. A prevailing rumor was that Apple would be releasing both an iPhone 5 and 4S — or even an iPhone 5 and iPad 2, neither of which happened, of course.

Assuming that Apple will stick to releasing one big, new product at a time, seeking to give their new products some breathing room in the marketplace, it is now much more likely that the iPhone 5 release date will happen sometime in June, as once considered. With the iPad 3 being release in early March, a June-released iPhone 5 would give it 3+ solid buffer months to let the New iPad soak up big sales and media attention. After the iPhone 5 is released in June, Apple would have 3+ additional months in the summer for iPhone 5 sales to soar, before announcing the Mini iPad sometime in October — just in time for those getting ready to shop for Christmas.

And let’s not forget iTV. Where would its release fit in? Just before Christmas, perhaps?

Of course, there are plenty of x-factors along the way that could skew this schema. But it isn’t hard to imagine how the appearance of a Mini iPad could allow the iPhone 5 to get released sooner rather than later.

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