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A major topic we often field questions concerning is that of keylogging software, or keyloggers as they are called. If you are unfamiliar with this type of software, it allows for the owner/operator of a computer to chronicle everything that is typed and in-putted. Let’s say for example you share your computer with other individuals, and you would like a record of everything the other users did and typed; a keylogger allows for this and more. The software runs in the background and is generally not visible to the user.

There is some misconception out there concerning what a keylogger is a what a keylogger does. This is in no small part due to the software’s association with virus/malware distribution. There have been numerous cases where a keylogger was included with a virus distributed over the internet, and the virus using the software to transmit sensitive data that the user of an infected pc types. But, this type of exploit has become more and more uncommon as operating systems become more secure and antivirus programs patch these exploits. There are legitimate uses of this type of software that in no way is associated with a virus or malware. If you have need of a keylogger there are various companies that produce and distribute the software on the internet. When looking for software like this, make sure that you are going to reputable sources and companies that fully support their software. You should also look for companies that provide frequent updates and improvements to their software, as this is a sign of active development and support.

Recent advancements in this technology include the ability to monitor multiple computers at home and at work, allowing a user to have complete control and security over all their computers. This type of software can alert you via email, sms, or a phone call to alert you of any time someone attempts to use your computer. This type of personal monitor is a must for anyone working with sensitive or proprietary information. You can also utilize this software to keep tabs on what your children are doing and viewing online. Again, the programs run silently in the background and cannot be removed by other users.

I hope this helps answer some of the questions you might have about keylogging and might also help clear some of the misconceptions concerning it use. This software is used by millions of people needing control and security over their computers and their information. An invaluable thing in today’s world.

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