Looking for dual screen phones ? Then, Yota is for you

Looking for dual screen phones ? Then, Yota is for you

Dual SIM phones are the latest trends in mobile phone market. But soon it will be changed to dual screendevices.

A Russian mobile manufacturer Yota devices has launched their latest smart phone model with dual screens which will have an electronic paper display on the back. The 4.3” phone comes with dual core 1.7GHz processor and 720*1280 LCD screen front display.

Yota phone is now available in selected countries in Austria, Germany, Spain, France and its homelandRussia. By January, it will be available in Great Britain, Greece, Cyprus, the Czech Republic and Middle East but the launch date for other markets is not yet announced.

“The electronic paper display is always on, but in a less distressing and more user-friendly way. You can easily see notices, emails, tweets, and other information in real time without picking up or even activating your phone. ” Yota said in its website statement.

“The electronic paper display does not have to go dark to save battery life. Even if the battery is empty, the most recent information on the EPD remains visible.You can use it to save important information. Save anything from a route on a map, to a boarding pass, to theatre tickets. And it will show all vital notifications of your choice on-screen for as long as you need them or until you are ready to respond to them including missed calls, messages etc.” It added.

Yota dual screen phone Specification

The phone will have Android 4.2.2 OS, 2GB RAM, 13 MP Camera and backed with 1800 mAh battery. Users can browse the internet, Facebook, read messages, e-books etc with back screen. And the model will cost about $600 whereas Apple’s lowest cost model iPhone 5c priced at $870.

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