Must Know Tips On How to Increase Your Google AdSense Earnings

The internet is filled with plenty of articles that provide information on how to increase Google AdSense revenue. Even after reading those articles, you may not be satisfied as to you can make good money through Google AdSense. Here are some of the must know tips on how to increase your Google AdSense earnings which are very simple and easy to understand. However, before we go ahead, there are some requirements that you need to confirm for generating AdSense revenue. Here are they:

High Paying Niche
If your site is based on niches that are not high paying such as wall paper, computer tips, showbiz, etc, you won’t make good money through AdSense. It is only when you have websites based on topics that have high CPC rate like SEO tips, car reviews, finance, etc, you will have good chance earning through AdSense.


Good Traffic
Your website should have consistent numbers of visitors on daily basis if you desire to make good money through Google AdSense. At least 500 to 1000 visitors are required. Hence, you need to concentrate on driving traffic to your site.


Search Engine Based Traffic
Your site will be receiving traffic from various sources but the major chunk of traffic should come from search engine. If your site is getting over 50 percent of traffic through search engines, you will see improvements in your AdSense earnings. Until you receive 50 percent of traffic through search engines, you should advertise affiliate programs on your website because general visitors do not click on AdSense ads.


Now that you know the requirements, let us go ahead with the must-know tips on how to increase the Google AdSense earnings which you can start working upon in just 3 or 4 days. Here is what you need to do:


You need to post high quality content on your site for your readers. Your posts should be informative and fresh. Such posts are likely to attract good traffic from search engines.


It is very important to consistently update your site with new content. The Google bot will crawl your site more often and then it will show even more relevant ads.

Keyword Tool
You need to use Google’s AdWord keyword tool to find out the most popular and targeted keywords for your site. You should also aim at searching for the highest paying keywords. Then, you need to create content which contains these high paying keywords to increase your Google AdSense revenue.


Ad Placing
It would be great if you can place your ads above the place from where the content begins. This is the area targeted by most advertisers. It will assist in improving you AdSense CTR. You can use this tool where you need to enter the URL of your web page and find out where you can place your AdSense ads.


Traffic Source
Traffic source does helps in improving your PPC rate. So, you need to make efforts to drive much traffic from countries like US, UK, Australia, Sweden and so on. Getting more traffic from poor countries will not help in achieving high CPC rate.


Website Design
The theme that you choose for your website should be such that it displays your Google AdSense ads clearly. If your ads are visible without being evident, advertisers will be interested in placing higher CPC bids of your site. The color of the ads also plays a crucial role. You can also make use of moderate sized fonts to make your ads clearly visible.


Google AdSense Custom Search
If you want your ads to receive more clicks, you can try using the Google AdSense Custom Search. You need to put the search box on top of your content and you will see it generating more clicks on your AdSense ads.


Feed Ads
If you lots of people subscribed to the feeds of your site, you can make your AdSense visible to them through dedicated feed ads. It allows you to make good money through AdSense.


AdSense for Mobile
Your site is not only accessed on PC but also mobile platforms. Hence, you need to monetize that has been built for mobile platforms. You need to use AdSense for Mobile if you are receiving more than 100 page views.

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