Norton Internet Security Review

Norton Internet Security Review

Norton Internet security 2012 remains on of the top3 suits and adds new and unique features. NIS2012 is definitely one of the best choices around. It’s fast, good and hassle-free. If you want the best protection try Norton Internet Security 2012.

Installation: Installing Norton Internet security 2012 is very simple. unlike older version, NIS 2012 install very quickly and it’s easy to use.

The software: The tasks in Norton run when your PC is idle and it has a small impact on the system performance. It’s not a resource hog like the older versions. Most of the times you don’t even realize it’s there, but if you want to check it’s performance you can do so by looking at the monthly reports in the software.

It’s fast: Norton only adds 4% to the reboot time of your PC. This is the fastest reboot time you can get with an internet security suite installed. Only Trend Micro is as fast as Norton.

Norton uses a clean, dark design which is very user friendly and easy to use. It looks almost the same as the older version however this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Protection The malware protection and anti-phishing is great. In fact it’s one of the best we’ve come across this year. Norton internet security 2011 also includes additional virus cleanup tools and an intelligent firewall.

Unfortunately the spam filter seems to be not as good as in the 2010 version, but it’s still better than other filters.

Features Norton identifies known good programs on your PC and can skip them when doing a scan. This way it reduces the time it needs for a full scan. The parental control is also available together with the new Norton Power Eraser tool. This will clean the computer of fake AV programs.

Conclusion Norton/Symantec is known for its quality products and Norton internet security 2012 is definitely a great choice. It does everything an internet security suite should do. Try it to see for yourself.

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