The PS4 – Release Date and Specs

The PS4 – Release Date and Specs

Release date and price:

The PlayStation 4 will be available in the market from this November 15th in the US and November 29th in European countries and is cheaper than its competitors – Xbox one. The price of the PlayStation 4 is 399$ which is 100 bucks cheaper than the Xbox version which is available at 499$.Sony was proud to announce that the PlayStation 4 is a next generation console which is hard to beat and is themed with the frictionless and seamless game experience. There are plenty of pre-orders on the PS4 and also many favorable previews. The PS4 – Release Date and Specs –

Innovative and interesting features:

When the PS4 launched in February we got the information that it will track the controller in the user’s hand as well as the face of the gamer, but another interesting feature was revealed that this technology is going to be used in games too. For example, we all know that the screen will be split when there are more than 1 player involved and this feature will be aided with the tracking tech- it tracks the movement of the gamer and shifts his section accordingly to left or right while playing.

The new look:

The Ps4 is available in full black and looks similar to Xbox One. The only difference is that the PS4 is more angular in design and is built with the same material used in original PS3 slim. So the design is not a mind-blowing one but is a new one.

PlayStation 4 used games and online check-in:

The PlayStation 4 offers an unlimited access to all your old games. so when the user buys a title they are free to trade it in at retail or sell it to another user. The Xbox One initially lacks this feature as the Microsoft restricted it but eventually it is forced to remove the restriction to match with the PlayStation 4.

Features of PlayStation 4:

Sony is known for its free apps and features that are made available to its users, while its competitors like Microsoft hides the features behind the payment wall. So, we don’t need to worry about paying a lot for some features in ps4 like party chat, online applications like NetFlix and to play free games like planetside 2, since they are all available for free even if you don’t subscribe for PlayStation plus.

The PlayStation 4 is equipped with many interesting features, one of which is the ability to stream your games directly in your PS vita. This feature may not be new to the Wii U users but it is now available on PS4. The games will be transmitted wirelessly to the PlayStation Vita. This feature can also be found in all Sony devices like Xperia handsets, tablets, Bravia television sets and BD players.

Specifications of PS4:

AMD technology is fitted into this new system. The PS4 runs with the help of single chip customized processor and uses 8 x86-64 AMD Jaguar CPU cores. The graphic system used in the PlayStation 4 is the next generation AMD Radeon based engine.

Since the system is a PC- based, the developers can easily do the coding for new games and applications for these console units and also for PCs. The CPU may have been customized to suit the system but it is still a slow one when compared to Intel.


The PlayStation 4 is available with 8 GB GDDR5 memory which is a fast one that enables some fast performance.

PS4 camera:

Overview PS4

The camera is a new one that uses 2 high sensitive cameras and is equipped with wide angled lens. The lens will provide an 85 degree diagonal angle view. The cameras can enhance the game play by distinguishing between players in the foreground and background.

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