What Are The Top Universities In Europe To Secure An MBA

What Are The Top Universities In Europe To Secure An MBA

What Are The Top Universities In Europe To Secure An MBA At? Higher education in Europe has gone on to thrive significantly since the conception and implementation of the Bologna Declaration in 1999. European and non-European ministers from various countries came together to establish fixed standards and guidelines that aimed to introduce a higher degree of compatibility across academic institutions in Europe. One of the key measures that were undertaken was in encouraging more academic institutions to offer courses in English, thereby making them more attractive and feasible for both European and non-European students.

Over the last ten years, there have been a range of MBA courses developed and offered to domestic and international students. Students are particularly attracted to courses that have been fully accredited by federal and EU bodies like the University Accreditation Commission. Let us take a look at some of the top European destinations to secure an MBA degree from.

London Business School, London, U.K.

As one would expect, the London Business School is located in the centre of one of UK’s largest cultural and business hubs, London. The university has consistently been placed among the top MBA schools across a range of different international ranking systems. With an excellent reputation, and a high percentage of placements post university, the London Business School offers a regular MBA program as well as an Executive MBA program. The university has also tied up with a number of the largest conglomerates offering global MBA programs with full accreditation.

Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands

While the Netherlands is not a country that will typically come under an international student’s radar, when researching options for an MBA degree, the MBA program at the Erasmus University must not be overlooked. The MBA program is widely acknowledged as among the top 30 programs across the world, consistently ranking in the top five in Europe alone. The university is particularly known for integrating experimental learning systems through a program called Personal Leadership Development.

INSEAD Business School, France

With a unique dual campus, this European institution is located in the town of Fontainebleau in France. The MBA program that the college offers is also simultaneously offered on its secondary campus in Singapore. The university is particularly known for a high degree of cultural and ethnic diversity. The university offers an accelerated MBA program that spans 10 months, offering students the option of choosing from 70 different electives.

IE Business School, Spain

Spain is another destination that is not particularly renowned for its MBA programs. However, along with the IESE Business School, IE Business School is also highly rated, securing global rankings within the top 20 for its MBA program. The MBA program offered by the IE Business Schools is taught in both English and Spanish. The European University Accredited offers two types of MBA programmes – A regular MBA program as well as a global MBA course. What is unique about the university’s program is that it is conducted on a virtual platform, with students permitted to take online sessions, integrated with interactive video features.

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